Radon Test Kit Instructions

The Basics:

Placement: It should be placed in the lowest lived in level of your home. If you have a crawlspace or unfinished basement that you do not spend time in, then do not place it in these areas

Timing: Despite what the video says below, your kit is a 2-4 day kit. Please do not run the test longer than 4 days.

Closed House Conditions: You must maintain closed house conditions for at least 12 hours before the test and for the duration of the test. This means keeping windows closed, not running whole house fans, and only opening doors for normal entry and exit.

Sending it in: Please drop it in the mail ASAP following the end of the test. Shipping is included on the test kit.

Please follow the instructions from the video below, or if you prefer from these PDF Instructions.

The video is accurate other than your test is a 2-4 Day Test. If you expose your test for more than 4 days you will not get results. I hope to shoot our own video soon.
The key with the test kit is following the instructions. It is important that you expose it for 2-4 days and accurately record the start and end times and dates.

The only other consideration is getting it shipped out right away. You should be okay if you put it in the mail within day of completing the test. It is best not to end a test after your mail is picked up on Friday as this extends the time from the completion of the test to the analysis at the lab. I recommend having the test end on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday so the test kit can go out with the mail the next day and hopefully not be delayed by the weekend.

Of course, I am available to answer your questions at (785) 510-0000.

The test results will be sent to us and we will forward them to you via email as soon as we get them.